Meet the Rockstar Pups

This is Lucy. She is an 8 year old Black Lab Mix and is the proud child of Rob & Gina. Lucy is just a big kid at heart and loves to run around with her friends. She will tell you exactly how it is if you will listen. Yes folks; she talks. 

Mia is a 6 year old Seal Boston Terrier and is the first spoiled child of Lita. Mia has a gift of letting you know she wants a cookie....NOW....ALWAYS... :) Ask her next time you see her and see what happens.

Bella is a 1 1/2 year old Tuxedo Boston Terrier and the spoiled rotten second child of Lita. Bella is the center of attention wherever she goes and her favorite past time is to annoy her older sister Mia.

Paris is a 15 year old Husky and has a heart of gold and the kindest soul ever. Paris is Lucy's cousin and when he comes to visit, life is good!